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New tunnels
  Flowers tunnel for guinea pigThe guinea pig tunnel section has had a makeover! Some new tunnels have been added. Also,  all tunnels are now ... Read More
Meet Ellie
Meet Ellie
September 7, 2016
By: lauranp
I got a new guinea pig last weekend. I have wanted a long haired pig for a long time (mostly because I thought they w... Read More
Cavy Madness
Here's another guinea pig site. This one features everything from guinea pig care, adoption, and a gift shop. Take a ... Read More
Happy Cavy
From time to time, I like to share interesting guinea pig related sites I've come across. I found a site called Happ... Read More
New fleece colors
Now you have even more options for your favorite Created by Laura item! Two new fleece patterns have been added to ou... Read More
All about waterproof pads
All waterproof pads are not created equally.

Why do you need a waterproof pad?

Waterproof pads have many uses.  He... Read More
All tunnels are added
I've now finished adding all my new guinea pig tunnels to the site. There are over 100 to choose from. Tunnels are ma... Read More
New products!
I'm adding a bunch of new tunnels to the website.. take a look! Read More
Is it safe to give my guinea pig a hammock?
There's a lot of contraversy over hammocks for guinea pigs. I've heard people say that they are dangerous because the... Read More
How to cut a guinea pig’s nails

One of the most dreaded parts of guinea pig ownership is the nail cutting. Your little pet's nails will continue to g... Read More

New website design
Hello all! I've redone my website design. What do you think? My goal is to make your shopping experience more stream... Read More
Beginners Guide to Guinea Pigs
Guinea pigs are loving wonderful little animals who will love you forever if you treat them with kindness. They need ... Read More
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