All tunnels are added

I’ve now finished adding all my new guinea pig tunnels to the site. There are over 100 to choose from. Tunnels are made of fleece and sturdy foam which will help keep their shape after multiple washings.

Why a tunnel over a snuggle sack?

This is personal preference. Many snuggle sacks have a design that does not allow it to keep its shape. This makes it very hard for the animal to climb inside the sack because it lays completely flat. Created by Laura tunnels hold their shape so the guinea pig can run in and out, hide inside and play with a friend.

Have you ever seen two guinea pigs pile up on top of each other? There usually involves a lot of squeaking and unhappy guinea pigs. My tunnels are left open on both ends to allow one guinea pig to escape out the other side if their friend decides to sit on top of them.

Take a look at the choices available. They are machine washable and a great addition to any guinea pig’s environment. Your guinea pigs will thank you!