Beginners Guide to Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are loving wonderful little animals who will love you forever if you treat them with kindness. They need love and daily attention and you will have several years of a loyal little friend.

If you have just one guinea pig, the first thing you need is another guinea pig. Guinea pigs are social animals and are happiest with friends of their own kind.

Here are a couple of great sites  which will provide you with useful information about the care and feeding of your guinea pigs.

Guinea Lynx

Wheek Care Guinea Pig Rescue

Some thoughts about food- I buy my guinea pigs food in a 25 lb bag from It is much cheaper than the pet store and a very high quality food for them. I also get hay from a local feed store. If you have somewhere to store it, a bale of hay will cost a fraction of the cost of a pet store. I also buy spring mix in large quantities at Costco.

Once you have a large cage and proper food, what else do you need?

Bedding is the first decision that many people need to make. Fleece vs commercial bedding is a personal decision. It took about 2 days of owning guinea pigs for me before I realized fleece was a better choice for our house. The savings is tremendous and it is much cleaner. Fleece creates more laundry but in my opinion is well worth it.

If you decide to go with fleece bedding you will need several cage liners. You should spot clean your poop every day or two. The pad should be changed every couple of days but no longer than a week. In our house everything gets changed every other day. Shake out as much as you can and then the pad goes in the washing machine.

There are different types of fleece pads. The pads I make are waterproof. I use two layers of fleece and a layer of a fabric called PUL. This is the same fabric that is used in cloth diapers so think of the pad as giant diaper soaking up all of your guinea pig’s waste. As long as the guinea pig urinates on the pad, your cage should stay dry underneath. Of course you may have a guinea pig who likes to climb underneath the pad..

Waterproof cage liners are custom made. There are a variety of patterns available it can be made in whatever size you need. If you are interested in getting some custom liners made just contact me and I will be happy to help!

Once you have figured out what type of bedding to use, you need someplace for your guinea pigs to hide. Created by Laura offers a variety of options to make your piggies happy and comfortable! Tunnels are a great option for napping and playing. A guinea pig will typically not sit in a hammock but they love to hide under a hammock.

You may also want to consider a bag to store your hay. Your guinea pigs walk up to the bag and eat from the holes in the bag. This will keep your cage cleaner by preventing hay from hanging out on the bottom of the cage.

Welcome to the wonderful world of guinea pigs! If you have any questions about guinea pigs or anything in general I am always happy to help.