What foods are safe for guinea pigs?

What are the safe foods for guinea pigs? It is important to supply your guinea pig with the right foods and nutrients to live a healthy life. But sometimes knowing what they can and cannot eat isn’t always black and white. What exactly should they eat? Here’s a short list.



Hay- Good source of fiber, wears down teeth, low in calories but filling. Use Alfalfa hay for newborns. Guinea pigs need an unlimited supply of hay at all times.

Pellets- Should be the base of their diet. Make sure they are high in fiber and contain Vitamin C.

Lettuce- A delicious salad vegetable high in calcium. Make sure to avoid iceberg lettuce, which will be discussed later.

Cherry tomatoes- Can be fed frequently, but the stalks and the leaves are poisonous.

Cucumbers- They can eat both the flesh and the skin.

Corn on the cob- High in Vitamin C and fiber. They can also eat the husks. It contains a lot of starch, so don’t feed them too often.



Iceberg Lettuce- Gives them diarrhea and doesn’t contain any nutritional content.

Onions, leeks, chives, etc.– Can lead to blood disorders.

Banana- High in sugar and can cause constipation.

Avocado- High in fat.

Garlic- Poisonous.

Anything with seeds- Hard to swallow and digest, choking hazard.


When feeding guinea pigs, use common sense, and make sure you’re feeding them right. If you’re unsure, don’t. Doing this will make sure your furry friend will live a long and happy life.