How to cut a guinea pig’s nails

One of the most dreaded parts of guinea pig ownership is the nail cutting. Your little pet’s nails will continue to grow and she will need you to periodically trim them. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.

Why do I need to cut her nails?

A guinea pig’s nails will continuously grow. Some guinea pigs will bite their nails (we have one) but many will just let it grow. If they aren’t trimmed the nails can eventually grow into painful growths on the feet leading to infection and pain when they walk. And no one wants their piggy to have pain when they walk.

What do I need to use to cut them?

I recommend using a nail clipper like this one.

nail clippers
The dreaded nail clippers

You can find them in a variety of places such as Petco.

How do I hold my guinea pig?

It depends on the temperament of the guinea pig. I recommend gently leaning her back towards your body. Give her some hugs and reassurance and then gently clip one nail after the other. Oreo actually doesn’t mind it very much.

oreo getting her nails cut
Oreo looks a little worried about the nail clippers

guinea pig nail cutting







Here’s a great article with some detailed pictures about where to cut and how often to cut.


After you are all done, give your piggy a hug then you’re done!