Is it safe to give my guinea pig a hammock?

There’s a lot of contraversy over hammocks for guinea pigs. I’ve heard people say that they are dangerous because they will get stuck, fall or a variety of reasons. The truth is that a guinea pig will most likely not climb into a hammock. They are not natural climbers and are very timid animals. If you place it very low into the cage they may climb in but they will likely not jump up into a hammock.

So why would I give my guinea pig a hammock then?

Guinea pigs love hiding places. They love to sit under hammocks. Think of it as a tent. Who doesn’t love to camp?

oreo under hammock

My hammocks are designed to stretch over a corner of a wire cage. Your guinea pig will happily sit under. My guinea pigs love to sit under their hammocks. We joke they are sitting at the bus shelter but the bus never comes. 🙂

Take a look at my available hammocks. I can also make a custom hammock from my current fabric stock.