Meet Ellie

I got a new guinea pig last weekend. I have wanted a long haired pig for a long time (mostly because I thought they were cute and wanted to put bows in their hair) and we decided the time was right. We looked around locally for a couple of weeks and checked with my friends at Wheek Care Guinea Pig rescue and couldn’t find a young female long haired pig.

We went to the New York State fair and looked at the guinea pigs on display. Many were for sale but we were told they couldn’t go home for 2 days. This was disappointing since we live 1 1/2 hours from the fair. The lady told us there were 2 black peruvian girls who were in a different area and if we wanted one of those we could take her home today.

We went over to look and fell in love with one little pig. She was exactly the long haired pig I had been wanting. We purchased her right away. Later we went back to pick her up and took her home. She was very docile but she seemed ok. I put her into a small cage for the night and planned to introduce her to her new friends the next day.

The next morning she was still in the same spot I had left her. She hadn’t eaten or drank all night long and was very lethargic. Fearing the worst, I started to syringe feed her some water and took her to the vet. She was given fluids and perked up but still didn’t want to eat. She just seemed to sit there.

Ellie is feeling somewhat better now but the vet feels she’s still very weak from her ordeal. No one could tell me her history and I suspect she wasn’t treated very kindly. I’m continuing to syringe feed her and she’s gaining a little bit of a weight. I’m going to keep a close eye on her and am determined to pull her through.

What’s the moral of this story? Guinea pigs are not throwaway pets. They live 5-8 years and deserve to be in a loving caring home. ┬áBe observant to signs of illness in your little friend and make sure they get the medical care they need. If you treat a guinea pig right, you will have a little friend for a long time.

ellie and friends
Ellie spending some time with her new friends
ellie and gianna
Gianna teaching Ellie how to eat grass
Playing dressup with a cucumber.
Gianna wanted to be pretty like Ellie.