Guinea Pig Fleece Cage Liner | Waterproof | Anti-Shrink Design | Handmade With Love For Guinea Pigs | Custom Sizes Offered


A fleece cage liner is great for lining your pet’s cage or protecting your lap or couch. ABSORBENT AND WATERPROOF – liquid will not go through the pad onto your cage or lap. Absorbs 10 times its weight in liquid.

Available in 20×20 inches (lap pad), 28×43 inches(C&C 2×3), 24×47 inches (midwestern), 28×58 inches (C&C 2×4) and 28×72 inches (C&C 2×5)



✪ STAYS DRY – This fleece cage liner absorbs pee to keep guinea pig footsies dry and safe from harmful bacteria.

✪ HANDMADE WITH LOVE – This liner is one of a kind just like your piggies! I hand make each liner with love because, as a guinea pig mom myself, I know how important to you the happiness of your guinea pigs is.

✪ CUSTOM SIZES OFFERED – Because I personally hand make each liner I am able to make one to the exact size you want. 

✪ READY TO USE – Unlike most other liners, you won’t have to waste your time washing this for it to wick. This liner is ready for your piggies to enjoy the moment you take it out of the box!

✪ PAYS FOR ITSELF – Within 1 year this liner will pay for itself compared to the cost of using MESSY paper or wood shavings. Use your savings to show your piggies even more love!


3 Reasons why you and your piggies will love this fleece cage liner:


  1. Easy To Use Simply put this liner at the bottom of your cage and you’re good to go. No need to put something like newspaper underneath or worry about cleaning wood and paper shavings.
  2. Quick To Clean – Although you don’t have to worry about cleaning pee, your piggies still poop a lot! To clean up their poop, either sweep it up with a brush and dustpan or shake it off over a garbage can. Since it takes less than 5 minutes to clean, you’ll be enjoying more quality time with your piggies and spending less time cleaning up after them.
  3. Anti Shrink Design – The absorbent layer of this liner is made of a material called Zorb. Zorb can absorb its own weight several times over but can sometimes shrink a small amount after the first washing. To compensate, this liner is cut oversized and topstitched along the edges to hold everything in place.

Alternate patterns are available at
If you would like a pattern that is not listed just indicate it in notes to seller.

If you would like a custom size just send a custom item request.

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14×28 (1×2 C&C), 20×20 lap pad, 28×43 (2×3 C&C), 24×47 (midwestern), 28×56 (2×4 C&C), 28×72 (2×5 C&C)


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