Seizures in Guinea Pigs

Seizures in Guinea Pigs

seizures in guinea pigs
Snerbie is a 23 month old teddy bear guinea pig

Snerbie is a 23 month old guinea pig who lives with her three friends, Oreo, Ellie an Tooniepig. She has always been a healthy guinea pig and only been to the vet for a well visit when she was adopted at 1 year old.

On August 3, Snerbie was acting like her normal self. She was wandering around the living room and we noticed she was sticking her nose in the air strangely. We initially thought she was just strutting her stuff an it was cute. About an hour later, I was holding her and she started sneezing repeatedly and violently in a rhythmic pattern. I was alarmed because she suddenly seemed to be having a very difficult time breathing.





We went right to the vet because I thought she had suddenly had an acute respiratory problem. While waiting at the vet she started to act very strangely.


The vet initially thought this was some sort of allergic reaction to something and offered to keep her for observation. She wanted to give her steroids and benedryl. I agreed.


A couple of hours later, I talked to the vet who told me she had observed this same behavior several times and she was concerned Snerbie had a neurological problem. She had given her a dose of valium and she was calm now. She said I could come pick her up.

I arrived a few minutes later and put her in the carrier to take her home. I set her on the seat in the car and hadn’t turned the car on yet when suddenly the carrier shook and she had a large convulsion. I only got the second half of this on video because my reaction wasn’t quick enough.

I brought her back into the vet and she was given a second shot of valium. It took her 10 minutes to stop convulsing.

We went home a little while later an watched her very closely. She had no further seizures and was back to her normal self by morning.


The next day we went back to the vet she did an X-ray and a stool culture. Both were normal. She gave us a prescription for Gabapentin in case it ever happened again.

Snerbie was happy to feel better.

Today, August 11, I was in the middle of a run and got some texts from my daughter. She said Snerbie was repeatedly sneezing again and holding her body stiffly. She texted some videos of abnormal m0vements and said it looked exactly like what she had seen at the vet last week. I advised her to give the gabapentin immediately and I would be right home. (videos aren’t uploading but they looked exactly the same as above)

Snerbie is fine now and hasn’t had anymore seizures. But she’s going to needs some more investigation and some closer monitoring. I’ll keep this page updated as we learn more. If you have a guinea pig with similar circumstances feel free to contact me. I’d love to know more.